The Challenges

Custom Printed Circuit Boards

One thing that has cropped up each year with our robot has been wiring issues. This comes about due to the modular nature of our bot.

We can swap modules based on the challenge we are doing. This has normally led to needing to swap wires around in a very cramped space.

This year the team have decided to replace as much of the wiering as possible with custom made Printed Circuit Boards (or PCB’s).

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The boards needed some of the components surface Mounted! Keith worked his magic and with the small components mounted we are ready to test them out!

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Nerf Assembly – 3D Render

Keith has been working with a tool called “Fusion360” to create the 3d models for our robot. This can then create the 3d printing file as well as laser cutter instructions. However – one other feature is that it allows you to create an animation of the 3d object!

This video shows our Nerf mount!

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The Challenges

Power supply and motors

Keith has been playing about with a new cheap power supply using the Nerf Gun motors as a test bed.  It turns out power supplies are quite a good method for determining how much current they draw and thus what current the motor driver needs to deal with.  Keith produced a quick video demonstrating the power supply with examples using the Nerf Gun motors.

If you are still deciding on motor drivers he recommends getting the motors first and doing a simple stall test with a power supply or multimeter and then getting the motor driver to suit.

See his video here:

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