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Colour Detection using OpenCV

The below clip shows another example of our colour detection script running on the Raspberry Pi.

We have used C++ and Open CV to detect the colour at a certain position in the frame.

The colour is then show in the top left corner of the video.

This will also be shown on a tiny OLED screen on the body of the robot.




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Fun, lessons, The Challenges

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Colour Detection

One of this years challenges is to detect  some coloured balls from a distance and visit them.

The full details are here.

For our robot we are using a Raspberry Pi Camera and OpenCV to detect the colours and some code written in C++.

You can see a video of our robot doing some colour detection below.

Whilst testing this we have come unstuck with the detection when it is dark or when somebody (Vince) in a very red coat walks into the frame of the camera and it detects him and not the ball.

We are planning on using a 2 times lens to bring the balls into a better focus.

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Fun, The Challenges

Nerf Assembly – 3D Render

Keith has been working with a tool called “Fusion360” to create the 3d models for our robot. This can then create the 3d printing file as well as laser cutter instructions. However – one other feature is that it allows you to create an animation of the 3d object!

This video shows our Nerf mount!

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