The Challenges

Nerf Gun?

This weekends progress….

Mal had made a proposal to upgrade the Nerf gun for the Space Invaders Challenge! At a firing rate of about 6 per second, “The Judge” can output 30 shots into its enemy in well, not much time at all.

Too much or not?

More seriously though, v0...

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The Challenges


The team is making progress..

Inbetween procrastinating and discussing how to build a 22ft Stargate Christmas Tree, the team has actually been making some progress.

Mal has been prototyping some Pi HAT modifications from the last year design to accept a (physically) larger I2C expander, time of flight sensors and dedicated servo connectors.

We started with Matt’s sketch..

Matt’s sketch…

After some...

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The Team

2019 – New team new challenges

Yes! Ipswich Makerspace is back again! This time with a tweaked team and a tweaked robot.

This years Pi Wars joins NASA in marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program that landed American astronauts on the moon between July 1969 and December 1972.

The 2019 competitors will navigate “The Canyons of Mars”, autonomously visit the 4 coloured corners of the “Hubble Telescope Nebula Challenge” an...

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The Challenges

Custom Printed Circuit Boards

One thing that has cropped up each year with our robot has been wiring issues. This comes about due to the modular nature of our bot.

We can swap modules based on the challenge we are doing. This has normally led to needing to swap wires around in a very cramped space.

This year the team have decided to replace as much of the wiering as possible with custom made Printed Circuit Boards (or PCB’s).

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Colour Detection using OpenCV

The below clip shows another example of our colour detection script running on the Raspberry Pi.

We have used C++ and Open CV to detect the colour at a certain position in the frame.

The colour is then show in the top left corner of the video.

This will also be shown on a tiny OLED screen on the body of the robot.




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Nerf and back again!

Since our robot base is staying much the same as last years, we have been working on modules that can be switched for each competition.
We need our robot to hold and fire Nerf Darts.

Our excellent team engineer has been working his magic with a 3d printer and a lot of patience to create us just what we need!

Above you can see the 3d rendering of our robot and mount...

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Colour Detection

One of this years challenges is to detect  some coloured balls from a distance and visit them.

The full details are here.

For our robot we are using a Raspberry Pi Camera and OpenCV to detect the colours and some code written in C++.

You can see a video of our robot doing some colour detection below.

Whilst testing this w...

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