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Nerf and back again!

Since our robot base is staying much the same as last years, we have been working on modules that can be switched for each competition.
We need our robot to hold and fire Nerf Darts.

Our excellent team engineer has been working his magic with a 3d printer and a lot of patience to create us just what we need!

Above you can see the 3d rendering of our robot and mount. Below you can see a time-lapse of the mount being printed

This will allow us to hold a standard Nerf Dart Cartridge and fire the darts on command.

The finished mount!

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The Challenges

Power supply and motors

Keith has been playing about with a new cheap power supply using the Nerf Gun motors as a test bed.  It turns out power supplies are quite a good method for determining how much current they draw and thus what current the motor driver needs to deal with.  Keith produced a quick video demonstrating the power supply with examples using the Nerf Gun motors.

If you are still deciding on motor drivers he recommends getting the motors first and doing a simple stall test with a power supply or multimeter and then getting the motor driver to suit.

See his video here:

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