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Nerf and back again!

Since our robot base is staying much the same as last years, we have been working on modules that can be switched for each competition.
We need our robot to hold and fire Nerf Darts.

Our excellent team engineer has been working his magic with a 3d printer and a lot of patience to create us just what we need!

Above you can see the 3d rendering of our robot and mount. Below you can see a time-lapse of the mount being printed

This will allow us to hold a standard Nerf Dart Cartridge and fire the darts on command.

The finished mount!

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Modelling lessons

Keith has been using Fusion360 for a while now, in fact, he first used it back in 2015 to design the second Ipswich Makerspace PiWars robot as shown below.

Piwars 2015 entry render PiWars 2015 entry render





Along the way Keith has learned many lessons, some lessons have been fundamental, as an example the model the renders above were taken from are so broken that they are now unusable.  Towards the end of production for this robot in 2015, Keith was struggling so much with the model that the physical robot only existing one week prior to the competition.  These days Keith is far more competent with Fusion360, but he is still learning lessons.

Recently for the PiWars 4 (2018) competition Keith was designing a mount for a Nerf gun, which included a servo for the trigger mechanism.  Because Servos are common on robots, Keith created a servo model which he could then insert into many different models, or the same model many times.  This is what the model looks like.

Servo without wiresOnce inserted into the main model it looks like this, lovely isn’t it.

So lovely in fact, that Keith printed it, it came out very nice. What do you think?

3D printed servo mountWith much enthusiasm Keith went to mount the servo, here is where he hit the problem, and it is a problem he has had in the past, so he really should have known better.  This is the problem.

Oops, servos have wiresYes, you’ve got it, there is no opening for the wires.  Having done this one too many times now, Keith decided to do something about it.  He updated is master servo model to include the wires and this is what it looks like now.

Servo with wiresSo no more will Keith forget to create openings for the servo wires.  The mount has now been updated and is waiting to be printed.

Modified servo mount

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