Even after some setbacks the team is not deterred and are back for another weekend spent working on the robot. The speedtest is at least working pretty well (the upstairs Makerspace floor could do with the same treatment as downstairs).


IMS Rover has been through a rebuild in the recent weeks. We have been previously testing in the “bird nest” configuration.

Through Matt’s hard work we now have the “cable managed” configuration, with the batteries underneath.

Better? Better.

The last few weekends the team has been trying to fine tune the maze, here is Mal trying to understand the sensor readout.

Get that man a hat !

The rebuild had not gone fully to plan. The wheels have not been running concentric. Matt turned some new hubs but first struggled with the new hubs rubbing on the chassis fixings, a quick lathe adjustment later and that problem was solved!

Spinny whirry thing makes metal bits.

The team is struggled for a while with the sensors being damaged and dusty. GRrrrrrr. Jon has been tinkering with the Maze code and playing with the acceleration, alignment, sensor settings, wall tolerances etc. and now finally the robot has at least got round the maze once!! Progress 🙂

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